2005 Prayer Timetable

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(1) NEW 2005 Prayer Timetable!

Click here to Download January 2005 Prayer Timetable

Alhamdulillah - After pressure from the Cambridge Prayer Times Project Team and the local Community, the Cambridge Mosque has finally distributed a new and corrected prayer timetable.

(2) What problems needed to be resolved?

A number of critical issues were raised regarding the Cambridge Mosque 2004 Prayer Timetable which had to be resolved before January 2005 insha Allah. Two issues of particular concern were discussed in depth in the following document:

    Problems in the Cambridge Prayer Timetable that need Resolving

A list of issues and their status may be viewed using the link below:

    A List of issues that need to be resolved

(3) The new Mosque Timetable needs to be verified

Once the Cambridge Mosque has prepared a new 2005 Prayer Timetable, it then needs to be checked for errors and verified that it is correct and that it conforms to Islamic Shariah.

A full explanation of the compilation process and a detailed independent verification will be necessary to ensure that the community has full confidence in the new prayer timetable produced by the Mosque Committee. The Cambridge Prayer Times Project Team will provide any help or assistance that may be required.

The Mosque Committee should then inform the community that the verification process has completed insha Allah. Unfortunately, it seems that this step has not been done.

(4) Fataawas from Head Imam of London Central Mosque

We are confident that the Mosque Committee will refer all problems and issues regarding the prayer times to the Head Imam of London Central Mosque for solutions and advice insha Allah.

We also look forward to publishing any Fatawas and advice obtained from the London Central Mosque on this website.  

This will assure the community that any advice or recommendations have been adhered to and that no opinions that are totally unacceptable from a Shariah point of view have been adopted.

Unfortunately, it seems that this step has not also been done.

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